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located on the shores of Lake of Constance is one of Austria’s leading cultural and relaxation centers.

General facts: Capital of the province of Vorarlberg, seat of the provincial government, 28,000 inhabitants.

Situated in Austria, on the borderlines of Germany, Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein, Bregenz offers a variety of unique attractions which can be enjoyed all year round. The city has a 2000-year-old history. The first settlers were the Rhaeto-Romans, followed by the Alemannians and the Romans. The upper part of the city of Bregenz reflects its medieval history and its Baroque onion shapped tower is the landmark of the city.

The Lake of Constance is the third largest lake of Europe and well known for its sports’ facilities, where swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, etc. just to name a few of the wide variety, can be enjoyed.

Furthermore, from its observation point, the Pfänder mountain (3,410 feet) offers an amazing 360° panorama view of the whole region. Apart from the broad range of leisure activities and many unique shops, Bregenz is also the center of cultural tourism. All year round, Bregenz hosts exceptional events, exclusive art exhibitions, state-of-the art architecture, and countless theatre productions. The highlight of every year is the summer opera “Bregenz Festival” with performances on the world famous open air stage built over the lake and with renowned opera productions in the Festival House.

Bregenz Tourism

We are happy to help you! Bregenz Tourism is your number one address for information and insider tips about the capital city of Vorarlberg. Our competent staff will be happy to offer you advice and information about hotel accomodations, theatre tickets, restaurants and cafés in the vicinity, at any time.

Bregenz Tourism & City Marketing Ltd. represents Bregenz as a friendly, customer-oriented city with superior culture and leisure time facilities and activities which is why we consider it our primary task to represent Bregenz in a competent and professional manner.

- Advice and comprehensive information about cultural events, accommodations, restaurants, leisure time-activities, sports’ facilities and sports’ events in the region of Lake of Costance
- Information centre and help desk of Vorarlberg Tourism
- Compilation and preparation of information folder for seminars and congresses
- Local accomodation bookings and room reservations
- Various Bregenz marketing articles (T-shirts, caps, umbrellas, etc.)
- Advice and comprehensive information about cultural events, accommodations, restaurants
Ticket center
- for events in Vorarlberg
- for a broad range of big events throughout Austria and Germany
Ticket counter for
- Bodensee-Adventure-Card
- Fishing license for the Lake of Constance and various streams and rives
- Highway decal (road tax)
- Pre-paid parking tickets for Bregenz
- Boat tickets for the Hohentwiel
- Ship cruises arround the lake
- Electronic tour guide with earphones (itour)
Vouchers for
- Bregenzer Festspiele (Bregenz Festival)

Tourism-Destination Bodensee-Vorarlberg (BVT)

Central service-centre
Since Summer 1998 Vorarlberg has established a comprehensive destination management.
A tremendouse restructuring of the destination management of Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourism was instituted, which was introduced in several steps: first the Region Bodensee/Rheintal and the Oberland/Feldkirch merged, in the second step regional tasks were transferred to the BVT.

Local tourism offices are therefore able to actively assist tourists and create customized special offers. Today, the BVT is the central contact point for guests and customers who inquire about brochure and reservations. It also coordinates marketing acitivities of the whole region.

Duties and tasks
The main work of BVT is coordination, preparation and marketing of tourist oriented offers. Since January 2000, the BVT has also been in charge of correspondence of Bregenz, Dornbirn and Feldkirch and an additional 35 small towns. The central telephone system of the BVT connects all towns in the near surrounding has been facilitating effecient communication beyond the region since 1st April 2000, this also includes the internet. The platform Tiscover offers the possibility of providing information on a central base. All accomodation facilities can be booked and contacted directly from this site.

Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus
Römerstraße 2, 4. Stock
A-6900 Bregenz
T 0043 (0)5574-43443
F 0043 (0)5574-43443-4


Bregenz has approximately 1600 guest beds of all categories. Booking Information can be requested.